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Kelling Heath Holiday Park, Norfolk

Norse Security white van parked outside Kelling Heath

"We are looking forward to working with Norse Security because of their professional approach and comprehensive range of services, as well as their environmental ethos."


Case Study Summary

Norse Security took over the provision of on-site security, night guards and first-aid staff for Blue Sky Leisure, owner of the extremely popular Kelling Heath Holiday Park, near Holt, North Norfolk. Norse Security’s knowledge and experience ensured it was well placed to address issues of gaps in provision and to improve the existing service. We also agreed to supply additional mobile support when required.

Case Study Overview

Situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, between Sheringham and Holt in North Norfolk, Kelling Heath Holiday Park sits on 300 acres of woodland and rare open heathland.

Here it provides a range of accommodation including holiday homes and luxury woodland lodges, touring and camping, alongside indoor and outdoor leisure facilities.

With its depth of experience and exceptional understanding, Norse Security was able to meet the very specific security requirements of the popular holiday park.

Our skilled team worked closely with the on-site Blue Sky Leisure team to ensure all concerns were addressed and all requirements met.

First, we addressed one of the biggest issues for Kelling Heath Holiday Park, ensuring everything we did had a minimal environmental impact and helped reduce the overall carbon footprint of the site. As a patrol vehicle was essential for our guards, a decision to provide fully electric transport was quickly reached. This vehicle came with the added benefit of reducing noise pollution, a move that has already generated positive feedback from service users.

The issue of patrols was discussed at some length with the client, who requested that strike points be updated and improved upon. Norse Security therefore carried out a review and made new suggestions that are now in place.

Also addressed, were escalation procedures and the use of body cameras. The holiday park team was very much in favour of the cameras in case visual evidence of an incident was required.

It was also decided that our guards would wear robust yet subtle black tactical vests, with a high vis element and ample space for equipment. We worked with the team at Kelling Heath to ensure they felt holidaymakers would find this uniform approachable.

To further enhance our service and to ensure the safety of our lone-working guards, Norse Security sourced a new mobile phone with a strong signal and ample space for the latest software. We also provided a 4G radio linking straight back to our control room.

Our team is able to remain in constant communication with on-site staff and Norse’s state-of-the-art, central Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Case Study Impact

Following Norse Security’s contract with Blue Sky Leisure, Kelling Heath Holiday Park now has a bespoke security provision in place.

This is now in line with the park’s ethos in terms of the environment and the welfare of both staff and holidaymakers. Fresh, innovative ideas, key to the park’s image, have now been introduced.

A new, in-depth Assignment Instruction has been put into place. This highlighted some oversight, which has now been fully addressed, in the park’s previous procedures.

A fully electric, silent, environmentally friendly vehicle has been provided to meet the needs of the client, the park and the Norse Security team.

Patrolling procedures and reporting systems have been improved to offer more transparency into the security provision.

A regular security team has been put into place to maintain continuity and ensure trained staff are always present.

Patrol services are now more comprehensive and security staff are able to generate have a recorded digital record to send to the client.

With all the changes made, the park now has a more modern-looking security team, with high-tech equipment to ensure an efficient, effective and smooth service at all times.